In Germany, but still closer to any other place

I just got asked online, again, whether I lived in Berlin because I’m German. There are many countries in which a huge part of the population lives in the capital, but Germany isn’t one of them. I’m actually pretty amazed by how many capitals are closer to me than my own. Here’s the list:

  1. Bern (Switzerland) – 121km
  2. Vaduz (Liechtenstein) – 157km
  3. Luxembourg – 239km
  4. Brussels (Belgium) – 405km
  5. Paris (France) – 417km
  6. Monaco – 474km
  7. Amsterdam (Netherlands) – 531km
  8. Prague (Czech Republic) – 532km
  9. Ljubljana (Slovenia) – 549km
  10. San Marino – 574km
  11. Vienna (Austria) – 633km
  12. Berlin (Germany) – 640km

…which is just 50km closer than London or 25km closer than Zagreb (Croatia).

There are so many different countries I can easily go to. Not bad, huh?


Über tlab3000
39 Jahre alter Freiburger

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