Terminator 4

I should probably put this into the Android category, right? 😉

Anyway, not much to say about the movie, might as well do it in English:

It’s an action movie. They’re trying to pick up the plot from the earlier Terminator movies and make it something more modern, darker, deeper maybe, but they don’t really succeed. Just sit back and enjoy the action.

T4 is to T1, T2 and T3 what Die Hard 4.0 is to DH1, Dh2 and DH3. Modern, features more computer stuff, but those elements are exchangeable and not so important after all. However, if you liked DH4 you might like T4.

The Product Placement is just perfect and made me laugh several times. From the Micro Cruzer USB stick (got one of those) to the shiny Vaio ultraportables and notebooks that look like they really, really don’t belong into that dark world. Fun!

Did I mention there’s a lot of action?

If you’re already a Terminator fan, you should probably watch T4, too. If not, don’t! Start with T1 instead.
I’ll give this okay-ish movie 5 or 6 stars at imdb.com.